ZHD Stevedores is a proud, independent family-owned company with decades of experience in the stevedoring industry.

With various cranes at our different terminals, ZHD is able to cope with all kinds of freight flows of bulk, break bulk or containerized cargo. Due to our entrepreneurial attitude we see new kinds of cargo as a challenge to show our expertise in stevedoring.

Big enough to cope, small enough to care


ZHD has continuously evolved over the years in order to better serve our national and international clientele. ZHD has invested substantially in new sites, quays, cranes, open and closed storage facilities and our skilled employees.

Next to our specialization in transhipment and storage of dry bulk, we provide tailor-made business solutions to our clients.



Jacob Cornelis Oosterwijk was a skipper when he was only 14 years old. In 1920 he already started his own sandwinning business. In the years ahead he developed a well known civil engineering company, specialised in dredging, shipping and substantial infrastructural projects (contribution to the Dutch Delta works, road and dike building).

By the takeover on 1st January 1968 of Dordrecht’s port facilities (built in the 30’s), he started a new business, completely different to his civil engineering company Aannemingsbedrijf Oosterwijk N.V.
This new business was founded B.V. Zeehavenbedrijf Dordrecht, nowadays known as ZHD Stevedores or just ZHD.

In the 70’s the stevedoring world in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area witnessed a tremendous growth. To put Dordrecht back on the map of the Rotterdam clients, ZHD substantially invested in additional quay length, storage area, cranes, warehouse capacity, and specific port facilities.

Wick Bornet started his career on 1st January 1974 by working for his grandfather in the family owned company ZHD.
After having ended his career in 1983 within the original civil engineering company, Oosterwijk’s son in law Koos Bornet joined ZHD as his successor.


Under the guidance of Koos Bornet a new period of major investments followed. Quays were extended and warehousing facilities, both in Dordrecht and Moerdijk, were built, providing ZHD with a total of over 125.000 m² of dry storage capacity.

Wick Bornet, having worked closely together with his father, succeeded him as Managing Director in 1990.
Under Wick’s guidance ZHD invested in several additional terminals in Moerdijk (Graanweg, ZHD Staal, Roode Vaart). To increase the service level and independence of ZHD, he equipped the company with high capacity floating cranes. By these investments, ZHD became capable to operate in the entire Rotterdam region and able to handle ships of all sizes. Among other things, Wick has always shown great passion in developing long lasting cooperation agreements with many of ZHD’s clients.


After having studied and worked abroad, Wick’s son Alain joined ZHD in 2009. From that moment on, Alain developed broad experience with all aspects of the company and its services.

Starting 1st January 2017, Alain has been appointed Managing Director of ZHD, meanwhile being the fourth generation in the family business.
By this transfer, Alain with his Team ZHD trust to be ready for the challenges lying ahead.