ZHD Stevedores began as a small dream and has grown since to its size it is today over four generations of passionate and driven entrepreneurs.

We take pride in running a family business among a sea of corporate competitors and hope to continue to pass the torch for many years to come.

More than just a stevedore!

Our company is headquartered in Dordrecht, the Netherlands and spans the greater Rotterdam-Rijnmond area with terminals in Dordrecht, Moerdijk and a floating terminal in Rotterdam.

With several cranes and floating cranes, ZHD provides all kind of transhipment and storage solutions for their customers.

With decades of experience in stevedoring, ZHD has proved itself a reliable partner in the industry. But not only the traditional stevedore activities are a core business. As real entrepreneurs we provide long-term business solutions for our customers in which we provide locations, permits, transhipment, storage and other terminal support services to make your business florish.